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Final Decree

Final Divorce Notes
Pertinent Utah Code. (See:

§78B-6-301, 302

Final Decree

If the parties agree to an uncontested divorce, and file the appropriate documents, the court will enter the decree if it finds the terms are fair and reasonable. It is up to the parties to follow the order of the court. Should either party fail to follow the provisions contained in the decree, either parent may approach the court for relief through a process call an “Order to Show Cause” – requiring the other party to appear before the court and state why he/she should not be held in contempt for disobeying the order. Disputes over parent time, reimbursement for health/medical costs, and child care costs, are among the most common disputes that parties bring before the court in an Order to Show Cause – however, any action contrary to the order of the court may be brought by either party.

Divorce Note: Once your final decree is entered, there may be additional items to address to finalize the division of property and debts, such as signing of ‘quit claim’ deeds (and other documents to transfer property, change title, etc.), drafting and submission of QDRO’s (Qualified Domestic Relations Order), recording the decree , submitting the order to the Office of Recovery Services. It is highly suggested that you review your petition and final decree with an attorney to discuss options and implications.