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Utah Divorce Laws

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Utah's Legislature Website for Utah Code:

Below is taken from the Utah Legislature Website: (Additional sections of code will apply to issues regarding children. Please use the above link to search for specific topics.)

IndexUtah Code
Title 30Husband and Wife
Chapter 3Divorce

Section 1Procedure -- Residence -- Grounds.
Section 2Right of husband to divorce.
Section 3Award of costs, attorney and witness fees -- Temporary alimony.
Section 4Pleadings -- Decree -- Use of affidavit -- Private records. (Superseded 7/1/2015)
Section 4Pleadings -- Decree -- Use of affidavit -- Private records. (Effective 7/1/2015)
Section 4.5Motion for temporary separation order.
Section 5Disposition of property -- Maintenance and health care of parties and children -- Division of debts -- Court to have continuing jurisdiction -- Custody and parent-time -- Determination of alimony -- Nonmeritorious petition for modification.
Section 5.1Provision for income withholding in child support order.
Section 5.2Allegations of child abuse or child sexual abuse -- Investigation.
Section 5.4Designation of primary and secondary health, dental, or hospital insurance coverage.
Section 7When decree becomes absolute.
Section 8Remarriage -- When unlawful.
Section 10Custody of children in case of separation or divorce -- Custody consideration.
Section 10.1Definitions -- Joint legal custody -- Joint physical custody.
Section 10.2Joint custody order -- Factors for court determination -- Public assistance.
Section 10.3Terms of joint legal or physical custody order.
Section 10.4Modification or termination of order.
Section 10.5Payments of support, maintenance, and alimony.
Section 10.7Parenting plan -- Definitions.
Section 10.8Parenting plan -- Filing -- Modifications.
Section 10.9Parenting plan -- Objectives -- Required provisions -- Dispute resolution.
Section 10.10Parenting plan -- Domestic violence.
Section 10.17Social security number in court records.
Section 11.1Family Court Act -- Purpose.
Section 11.2Appointment of counsel for child.
Section 11.3Mandatory educational course for divorcing parents -- Purpose -- Curriculum -- Exceptions.
Section 11.4Mandatory orientation course for divorcing parties -- Purpose -- Curriculum -- Exceptions.
Section 12Courts to exercise family counseling powers.
Section 13.1Establishment of family court division of district court.
Section 14.1Designation of judges -- Terms.
Section 15.1Appointment of domestic relations counselors, family court commissioner, and assistants and clerks.
Section 15.3Commissioners -- Powers. (Superseded 7/1/2015)
Section 15.3Commissioners -- Powers. (Effective 7/1/2015)
Section 15.4Salaries and expenses.
Section 16.1Jurisdiction of family court division -- Powers.
Section 16.2Petition for conciliation.
Section 16.3Contents of petition.
Section 16.4Procedure upon filing of petition.
Section 16.5Fees.
Section 16.6Information not available to public.
Section 16.7Effect of petition -- Pendency of action.
Section 17Power and jurisdiction of judge.
Section 17.1Proceedings considered confidential -- Written evaluation by counselor.
Section 18Waiting period for hearing after filing for divorce -- Exemption -- Use of counseling and education services not to be construed as condonation or promotion.
Section 32Parent-time -- Intent -- Policy -- Definitions.
Section 33Advisory guidelines.
Section 34Best interests -- Rebuttable presumption. (Superseded 5/12/2015)
Section 34Best interests -- Rebuttable presumption. (Effective 5/12/2015)
Section 34.5Supervised parent-time.
Section 35Minimum schedule for parent-time for children 5 to 18 years of age.
Section 35.1Optional schedule for parent-time for children 5 to 18 years of age. (Effective 5/12/2015)
Section 35.5Minimum schedule for parent-time for children under five years of age.
Section 36Special circumstances.
Section 37Relocation.
Section 38Expedited Parent-time Enforcement Program.
Section 39Mediation program.
Section 40Custody and parent-time when one parent is a service member.