Why Choose Us

by sites offering 'Do It Yourself Divorce', 'EZ' or '1,2,3...step' document preparation. We have researched sites offering Utah do it yourself divorce documents and found some documents provided to be deficient, incomplete, or non-compliant with Utah Statutes and Rules. Our Interview and documents are updated as Utah Statutes and Rules change. We are the only online divorce document preparation service that offers a package that includes a review of your documents by a Utah attorney!

There is a need to provide an affordable service to people who want to have control over the preparation and filing of their divorce documents. We developed an easy to use 'online assisted interview' process to gather the necessary information required to prepare documents for filing an uncontested (with, or without children) divorce in the state of Utah. The interview questions, instructions and final documents included in a final packet were designed for ease of use with the aid of a Utah licensed attorney.  

All forms were designed around Utah court approved documents and instructions for court filing and are updated when needed. Other sites may offer similar services, however, we guarantee our forms are updated on a regular basis to ensure they will be accepted by the Utah courts. We regularly have a Utah licensed attorney review our forms and processes.

As an added paid service, users may elect to have their prepared and finalized documents reviewed by a Utah licensed attorney at a reduced rate. (Reduced rate from the attorney's regular hourly billing rate.) Instructions on how to have their documents reviewed by an attorney are included in the user's final packet, or you may purchase a package for $349.00 that includes the attorney review.